Names on Holme’s map, surnames F-G-H-I

These are the names on Thomas Holme’s map with surnames starting in F-G-H-I.

I have identified these to the best of my ability, based on the available records, but names or places might be wrong. Some people just don’t show up on very many records.

Notice that some people owned more than one tract in a township or multiple tracts in different townships. Also note that names sometimes differed significantly in spelling. Some names are garbled because of an error by Holme, and others by the engraver in London (who was probably not personally familiar with any of these people).

There were only three counties in 1687: Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester. Later the southern part of Chester was made into Delaware County, and the northern part of Philadelphia County was made into Montgomery County. To make it easier to find names on the map, I included all five of the county names, even though they did not all exist in 1687.

Most of the names on the map are easy to identify, allowing for small differences in spelling.  I only made an entry in the fourth column if the name was significantly different.

Name Township County Name on map if significantly different
Fairman, Robt Abington, Byberry Montg, Phila  
Fairman, Thomas Moreland, Kens/Richmond, Oxford Montg, Phila  
Farmer, Major Jasper Whitemarsh Montg  
Farr, Richard Concord Delaware  
Faucit, Walter Chester Delaware Fosset
Fearne, Joshua Darby (2) Delaware  
Fettiplace, Giles (& John) Warwick Bucks  
Few, Richard Chester Delaware  
Fincher, Francis Roxborough Phila  
Fincher, Mary Goshen Chester Finch
Fisher, Joseph Horsham, Lower Dublin Montg, Phila  
Fitzwater, Thomas Whitpain Montg  
Fleckney, John Middletown Bucks  
Flower, Enoch Southampton Bucks  
Ford, Phillip Providence Montg  
Foreman, George Kens/Richmond Phila  
Forest, Walter Bensalem Bucks  
Foster, Allen Lower Dublin Phila  
Frampton, William Cheltenham Montg  
Free Society of Traders New Britain, Whiteland, Oxford Bucks, Chester, Phila  
Fuller, Sarah Abington, Montgomery Twp Montg  
Furly, Benjamin Goshen, Warwick Chester, Bucks Furlow
Gardner, Daniel Falls Bucks  
Garret, Thomas Bethel Delaware  
Garret, William Willistown, Darby Chester, Delaware  
Gee, John (& Co) Gwynedd Montg  
Gibbons, John Thornbury, Bethel Chester, Delaware  
Gibbs, Edward Darby Delaware  
Gilbert, John Bensalem, Southampton Bucks  
Giles, Alexander Middletown Bucks  
Gleave, George Springfield Delaware  
Godwin, Edward Byberry Phila  
Goodson, John Whitpain, Bristol Montg, Phila  
Gratton, Mathew Darby Delaware  
Graves, Richard Middletown Delaware  
Gray, John (alias Tatham) Warwick, Bensalem Bucks [same as John Tatham]
Green, John Whitemarsh Montg  
Gregory, William Edgmont Delaware  
Griscomb, Andrew Byberry Phila  
Groom, Thomas Southampton Bucks  
Growden, Joseph Bensalem (2) Bucks  
Growden, Lawrence Bensalem Bucks  
Haige, Wm Bristol Bucks  
Hall, Robert Middletown Bucks  
Hall, Thomas Concord Delaware  
Hallowell, John Darby, Ridley Delaware Holwell
Hank, Luke Newtown Delaware  
Hannam, John Concord Delaware  
Harding, John Chichester, Edgmont Delaware  
Harding, Nathaniel Bensalem Bucks  
Harford, Charles Roxborough, Wrightstown Phila, Bucks  
Harmer, George Upper Dublin Montg  
Harmer, William Upper Dublin Montg  
Harper, John Oxford Phila  
Harris, Edward Birmingham Delaware  
Harris, John Birmingham Delaware  
Harrison, Francis Bethel, Chichester, Middletown Delaware  
Harrison, James Falls, Makefield, Wrightstown Bucks  
Hart, John Byberry Phila  
Harwood, William Perkiomen Montg  
Haselgrove, John Concord Delaware  
Hastings, Henry Chichester Delaware  
Hastings, John Nether Providence Delaware  
Hastings, Joshua Goshen Chester  
Hawkins, Jeffery Falls Bucks Haukis
Hayes, Jonathan Marple Delaware  
Hayhurst, Mary Northampton, Middletown Bucks Hurst
Heacock, John Falls Bucks  
Heaphy, Daniel Abington Montg  
Heathcott, George Falls Bucks  
Heaton, Robert Middletown Bucks  
Hendrickson, Albert Chester Delaware  
Henreckson, John Ridley Delaware  
Hersent, Sarah Worcester Montg Harsent
Hicks, John Middletown Delaware  
Hidding, Laurence Kingsessing Phila Hodding
Hill, James Falls Bucks  
Hilyard, Richard Upper Dublin Montg  
Hitchcock, William Concord Delaware Hichcot
Hobbs, Israel Abington Montg  
Hodkinson, John Middletown Delaware  
Holdgate, Robert Middletown Bucks  
Holland, John Merion, Lower Salford Montg  
Hollingsworth, Valentine Upper Providence Delaware  
Holme, Elinor Lower Dublin Phila  
Holme, Thomas Bristol, Lower Dublin (P) Bucks, Phila  
Holme, Tryall Abington Montg  
Holstein, Mathias Passyunk Phila  
Hood, Thomas Darby, Newtown Delaware  
Hoopes, Joshua Falls Bucks Hoop
Hort, John Tredyffrin Chester  
Hough, Richard Makefield (2) Bucks Huffe
Houle,  Job Northampton Bucks Horle
Houle, Thomas Southampton Bucks [on map as Hould]
Houlston, John Edgmont, Upper Providence Delaware  
Howell, John Marple Delaware  
Howell, William Marple Delaware  
Hudson, Thos Makefield, New Britain Bucks  
Hudson, William Newtown Delaware Hadson
Hughes, John Oxford Phila  
Humphrey, Joseph Newtown Delaware  
Humphrys, John & Co Merion Montg  
Hunt, James Kingsessing Phila  
Hutchinson, Geo Tacony Phila  
Ingelo, Richard Warrington, Montgomery Twp Bucks  
Izard, Michael Chester Delaware  

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