Names on Holme’s map, surnames P through S

These are the names on Thomas Holme’s map with surnames starting in P, R or S.

I have identified these to the best of my ability, based on the available records, but names or places might be wrong. Some people just don’t show up on very many records.

Notice that some people owned more than one tract in a township or multiple tracts in different townships. Also note that names sometimes differed significantly in spelling. Some names are garbled because of an error by Holme, and others by the engraver in London (who was probably not personally familiar with any of these people).

There were only three counties in 1687: Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester. Later the southern part of Chester was made into Delaware County, and the northern part of Philadelphia County was made into Montgomery County. To make it easier to find names on the map, I included all five of the county names, even though they did not all exist in 1687.

Most of the names on the map are easy to identify, allowing for small differences in spelling.  I only made an entry in the fourth column if the name was significantly different.

Name Township County Name on map if significantly different
Palmer, Elizabeth Whitpain Montg  
Palmer, George Horsham Montg  
Palmer, William Whitpain Montg  
Park, Nathaniel Concord Delaware  
Parsons, John Falls Bucks  
Pascall, Thomas Kingsessing Phila  
Pastorius, Francis Daniel Wicaco Phila  
Patrick, Henry Upper Dublin Montg  
Paulin, Henry Middletown Bucks  
Paxson, Henry Middletown Bucks Paxon
Paxson, James Middletown Bucks Packston
Paxson, William Middletown Bucks Packston
Pearce, George Thornbury, Perkiomen Chester Perce
Peirce, Edward Upper Dublin Montg Perce
Pelleston, Jacob Bristol, Limerick Bucks, Montg Pellison
Penn, Gulielma Maria Springfield Montg  
Penn, Laetitia Mount Joy Montg  
Penn, William Newtown Bucks Governor
Penn, William Jr Merion, Norriton Montg  
Pennington, John Northampton, Merion (M) Bucks, Montg  
Pennock, Christopher Merion Montg  
Perrin, Mathew Upper Dublin Montg  
Peterson, Anders [Longacre] Kingsessing Phila  
Petree, James Towamencin Montg  
Philips, Thomas Cheltenham Montg  
Phipps, Joseph Concord, Abington Delaware, Montg Philps
Pickering, Charles & Co. Charlestown Chester  
Pickering, William Northampton Bucks  
Pierce, Richard Newtown Bucks Price
Pierson, Thomas Marple Delaware Perce
Pleas, Joseph Perkiomen Montg Place
Plumly, Margery Northampton Bucks  
Potter, James Warminster Bucks  
Potter, Joseph Darby, Newtown Delaware  
Potter, Thomas Warwick, Montgomery Twp Bucks  
Powell, Joseph Nether Providence Delaware  
Powell, Thomas Upper Providence Delaware  
Powell, Willliam Abington Montg  
Pownall, Elinor Makefield Bucks  
Presmall, Robt Southampton Bucks Presmore
Priestner, John Aston (2) Delaware Prisnor
Pritchett, Edward & Henreck Chester Delaware Pretchet
Prothero, Evan Passyunk Phila  
Pusey, Caleb Chester, Middletown Delaware  
Pusey, John Middletown Delaware Peusey
Pyle, Robert Thornbury, Bethel Chester, Delaware Piles
Radcliffe, James Wrightstown Bucks Ratlif
Rambo, Gunnar Kens/Richmond Phila  
Rambo, Peter Lower Dublin, Passyunk Phila  
Rambo, Peter Jr Lower Dublin Phila  
Randall, George Warminster Bucks  
Rawlins, Thomas Edgmont Delaware Raulins
Revell, Thomas Newtown Bucks  
Richards, Joseph Aston Delaware  
Richards, Phillip Birmingham Delaware  
Richardson, Francis Bristol Bucks  
Rideout, Nicholas Byberry Phila Ridecut
Ridgway, Richard Falls Bucks  
Roads, Adam Darby Delaware  
Roberts, Benjamin Newtown Bucks  
Roberts, John Merion Montg  
Robeson, Andrew Newtown (2) Delaware Robinson
Robinett, Allen Middletown, Upper Providence Delaware Robint
Robinson, Patrick Cheltenham Montg  
Robinson, Robert Upper Providence Delaware  
Rochford, Dennis Hatfield, Concord Montg Rathford
Rolle, Samuel Whitemarsh Montg Rolls
Roman, Philip Concord Delaware  
Rous, Thomas Westtown Delaware Row
Rowland, John Falls, Newtown Bucks  
Rowland, Thomas Falls, Newtown, Northampton Bucks  
Rudyard, Thomas Bristol Bucks  
Rush, John Abington Montg  
Rush, John Sr Warminster Bucks  
Russell, John Cheltenham Montg  
Rutter, Thomas Bristol Phila  
Salter, Hannah Lower Dublin Phila  
Salung, Anders Liberties Phila  
Salway, William Upper Dublin, Kens/Richmond, Wicaco Montg, Phila  
Samway, Edward Middletown Bucks  
Sandeland, James Chester Delaware Sardarlan
Sanger, John Concord Delaware  
Scarbrow, John Middletown Bucks  
Seary, Thomas Oxford Phila Sare
Sellers, Samuel Darby Delaware  
Sharlow, William Easttown, Merion, Darby Chester, Montg  
Sharpless, John Nether Providence, Chester, Middletown Delaware  
Shore, George Hatfield Montg  
Shorter, Elizabeth Abington Montg  
Siddal, Henry Makefield Bucks Sidwell
Simcock, George Springfield Delaware  
Simcock, John Thornbury (2), Chester, Concord, Ridley (2), Springfield, Edgmont Chester  
Sleighton, Henry Middletown Delaware Slayton
Smedley, George Middletown Delaware  
Smith, John Darby Delaware  
Smith, Daniel Birmingham, Edgmont Delaware  
Smith, Francis Bethel, Franconia Delaware  
Smith, Jonas Worcester, Roxborough Montg, Phila  
Smith, Ralph Falls, Middletown Bucks  
Smith, William Darby, Edgmont Delaware  
Snead, Richard Goshen, Warrington Roxborough Chester, Bucks, Phila Snee
Sneed, William Newtown Bucks  
Snowden, William Passyunk Phila  
Sommer, John Lower Dublin Phila Summer
Songhurst, John Bristol¬† (2) Phila  
Souley, Mathias Upper Dublin Montg Soule
Southery, Robert Thornbury, Bethel Chester, Delaware  
Southworth, John Upper Dublin Montg  
Sowle, Andrew Upper Dublin Montg Soule
Sowter, Daniel Newtown Delaware Southery
Spencer, John Bristol Bucks  
Springett, Herbert Wrightstown Bucks  
Stackhouse, Thomas Middletown Bucks  
Stackhouse, Thomas Sr Middletown Bucks  
Stake, Mouns Darby Delaware Toker
Stanbury, Nathan Warwick Bucks  
Stanfield,  Francis Marple Delaware Stanford
Stanfield, James Tredyffrin, Marple Chester, Delaware Stanford
Stanley, William Abington, Hatfield Montg  
Steadman, Elizabeth Springfield Delaware Steedman
Steadman, John Ridley Delaware  
Steadman, Joseph Springfield Delaware  
Stephens, Robert Thornbury Chester  
Stille, John Moyamensing Phila  
Stroud, George Concord Delaware  
Sturges, Anthony Tredyffrin Chester  
Swaffer, James Edgmont, Upper Prov Delaware Swarfer
Swanson, Andrew Wicaco Phila  
Swanson, Swan Wicaco Phila  
Swanson, Wolle Wicaco Phila  
Swart, John Bristol Bucks  
Swift, Henry Springfield Delaware Sweeft
Swift, John Southampton Bucks  

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