What’s this all about?

  • An exploration of the earliest settlers of Pennsylvania, their land and lives.
  • The history of Penn’s grant of the province and how he sold and settled the land.
  • How it was surveyed and laid out.
  • The famous maps that Thomas Holme made for Penn, one of the city and one of the surrounding counties.
  • Records that help identify the people on the maps.
  • Stories about the lives of the people on the maps.
  • The people on the maps and the missing people: women, slaves, servants, Germans, Swedes and Welsh.

4 thoughts on “What’s this all about?”

  1. I was privileged to hear a presentation on this during the Researching Family in Pennsylvania 2020 course sponsored by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The amount of work behind these posts is staggering. Thanks for your generosity in sharing all of this information.

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