Names on Holme’s map, surnames C-D-E

These are the names on Thomas Holme’s map with surnames starting in C, D, or E.

I have identified these to the best of my ability, based on the available records, but names or places might be wrong. Some people just don’t show up on very many records.

Notice that some people owned more than one tract in a township or multiple tracts in different townships. Also note that names sometimes differed significantly in spelling. Some names are garbled because of an error by Holme, and others by the engraver in London (who was probably not personally familiar with any of these people).

There were only three counties in 1687: Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester. Later the southern part of Chester was made into Delaware County, and the northern part of Philadelphia County was made into Montgomery County. To make it easier to find names on the map, I included all five of the county names, even though they did not all exist in 1687.

Most of the names on the map are easy to identify, allowing for small differences in spelling.  I only made an entry in the fourth column if the name was significantly different.

Name Township County Name on map if significantly different
Caldwell, Rebecca Nether Providence Delaware Caudwell
Calvert family  [John, Thomas, Margaret, Elizabeth] Upper Providence Delaware Calverts
Carpenter, Samuel Horsham, Warrington, Bristol, Kens/Richmond Montg, Phila
Cart, Joshua Abington Montg
Carter, Edward Aston Delaware
Carter, Robert Middletown Bucks
Carter, William Middletown Bucks
Cartlidge, Edmund Darby, Newtown Delaware Cartledg
Carver, John Byberry Phila
Cecil, Wm Aston Delaware Cisell
Chamberlain, Robert Concord Delaware
Chamberlin, William Abington Montg
Chambers, Benjamin and Co Norriton Montg
Chandler, Jacob Chichester, Middletown Delaware Chanler
Churchman, John Chester Delaware
Claessen, Christian Tacony Phila Claes
Claridge, Samuel Abington, Lower Dublin Montg, Phila
Clark, Ann Bristol Bucks
Claypoole, James Warwick, Easttown, Lower Salford, Roxborough Bucks, Chester, Phila
Clayton, Joseph Marple Delaware
Clayton, William Concord, Kingsessing Delaware Clauton
Clift, Samuel Bristol Bucks
Clifton, Thomas Chichester Delaware Clyfton
Cloud, Robert Chichester Delaware
Cloud, William Concord Delaware
Clowes, John Makefield, Warwick Bucks Cows
Coats, Richard Upper Dublin Montg
Coborn, Thomas Chester, Westtown Delaware Cowborn
Cock, Erick Kens/Richmond Phila
Cock, John Passyunk Phila
Cock, Lase Passyunk Phila
Cock, Mouns Kens/Richmond, Passyunk Phila
Cock, Otto Ernest Kingsessing Phila
Cock, Peter Kingsessing, Passyunk Phila
Collet, George Perkiomen, Byberry Montg
Collet, Jeremiah Chichester Delaware
Collet, Richard East Bradford Chester
Collet, William Concord Delaware
Collins, John Falls Bucks
Comly, Henry Warminster Bucks Combly
Constable, Thomas Middletown Bucks Cunstable
Cooke, Arthur Newtown, Northampton Bucks
Cooke, Francis Edgmont Delaware
Cookson, Joseph Middletown Delaware Cooxsen
Cope, Oliver Birmingham Delaware
Coppock, Bartholomew Springfield Delaware Cobbeck
Cornelis,  John Ridley Delaware Cornelos
Cox, Daniel Vincent Chester
Cox, Thomas Worcester Montg
Crispin, Silas Abington, Lower Dublin Montg, Phila
Croasdale, Agnes Middletown Bucks
Crosby, Richard Middletown Delaware Crausby
Cross, Thomas Middletown Delaware Crass
Cross, Thomas Byberry Phila
Croxton, Randall Upper Providence Delaware Croxen
Dalbo, Peter Wicaco Phila
Dalbo, Wollo Kingsessing Phila
Darke, Samuel Falls Bucks Darte
Darke, William Falls Bucks Darte
Davies, Richard Middletown, Merion Bucks, Montg Davis
Day, John Cheltenham Montg
Dickarson, Thomas Wrightstown Bucks
Dicks, Peter Birmingham, Nether Providence Delaware
Dilworth, James Middletown Bucks Delworth
Dove, Francis Middletown Bucks
Drake, Joseph Warwick Bucks Drawell
Ducket, Thomas Edgmont , Oxford Delaware, Phila
Dungan, Clement Bristol Bucks
Dungan, William Bristol Bucks
Dungworth, Richard Abington Montg
Dutton, John Aston Delaware
East, Benjamin Northampton, Oxford Bucks
Eckley, John Radnor Delaware
Edge, John Nether Providence Delaware
Edwards, William Middletown Delaware
Eldridge, Jonathan Newtown Bucks Eldreg
Ellet, Andrew Falls Bucks Ellard
Ellet, Peter Kingsessing, Darby Phila
Ellis, Rowland Radnor Delaware
Ellis, Samuel Byberry Phila
Ellis, Thomas Merion Montg
Elwood, Thomas Lower Salford Montg
England, Phillip Newtown Delaware
English, Henry Warminster Bucks
Enoch, Harman Oxford, Kingsessing Phila Enock, Enockson
Evans, Nathaniel Westtown, Chichester Chester, Delaware
Eyre, Robert Bethel Delaware

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