Names on Holme’s map, surnames A-B

These are the names on Thomas Holme’s map with surnames starting in A or B. Please remember that I have identified these to the best of my ability, based on the available records, but that some names might be wrong. Some people just don’t show up on very many records.

Notice that some people owned more than one tract in a township or multiple tracts in different townships. Also note that names sometimes differed significantly in spelling. Some names were spelled the way they were pronounced; for example Bainbridge was probably pronounced Banbig. Other names are garbled because of an error by Holme or by the engraver in London (who was probably not personally familiar with any of these people).

There were only three counties in 1687: Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester. Later the southern part of Chester was made into Delaware County, and the northern part of Philadelphia County was made into Montgomery County. To make it easier to find names on the map, I included all five of the county names, even though they did not all exist in 1687.

Most of the names on the map are easy to identify, allowing for small differences in spelling.  I only made an entry in the fourth column if the name was significantly different.

Name Township County Name on map if significantly different
Ackerman, John Falls Bucks Acreman
Acrod, Benjamin Lower Dublin Phila
Adams, Robert Oxford Phila
Alford, Philip Middletown Bucks
Allen, Nathaniel Bensalem, Warminster Bucks
Allen, Samuel Bensalem, Bristol, Northampton, Abington Bucks, Montg
Allibone, Joseph Middletown Delaware
Amor, Richard Middletown Bucks
Anderson, Lasse Moyamensing Phila
Andrews, Francis Middletown Bucks
Ashcom, Charles Ridley Delaware
Ashcom, Nathaniel Middletown Delaware
Ashmead, John Cheltenham Montg
Ashton, Joseph Lower Dublin Phila
Atkinson, James Lower Dublin Phila
Atkinson, Thomas Falls, Northampton Bucks
Aubrey, John Upper Dublin Montg Arbury
Bailey, Edward Birmingham Delaware
Bailey, Henry Warwick Bucks
Bailey, Joel Birmingham Delaware
Bainbridge, John Newtown Delaware Banbig
Baker, Henry Makefield, Wrightstown Bucks
Baker, Joseph Edgmont Delaware
Baker, Sarah Edgmont Delaware
Banckson, Andrew Passyunk, Wicaco, Moyamensing Phila
Barber, Elizabeth Newtown Bucks Braber
Barker, Thomas (& Co) Willistown Chester
Barnard, Henry Birmingham Delaware
Barnes, John Bristol Phila
Barnes, John Abington, Montgomery Twp Montg
Barnet, William Middletown Delaware
Bartram, John Darby Delaware
Beaks, William Falls Bucks
Beales, John Aston, Concord Delaware
Beasley, John Worcester Montg Basly
Bennet, Edmond Bristol, Northampton (2) Bucks
Bennet, Samuel Bristol, Roxborough Phila
Bennet, William Newtown Bucks
Betris, Mark Southampton Bucks
Bevan, Charles Marple Delaware
Bevan, John Marple, Merion (M) Delaware
Bezer, Edward Bethel, Thornbury Delaware
Bezer, John Chichester, Goshen, Concord Delaware Brazor
Bezer, William Concord Delaware Beazor
Biles, Charles Falls Bucks
Biles, William Falls (2) Bucks
Bingley, William (& Mary) Warminster Bucks
Blackshaw, Randal Warwick, Falls, Wrights Bucks
Blake, Edward Middletown Delaware
Blaykling, John Warwick Bucks
Blinston, Mary Montgomery Twp Montg
Blunston, John Darby (3) Delaware
Blunston, Michael Darby, Newtown Delaware
Bolton, Everard Cheltenham Montg
Bond, Thomas Makefield Bucks
Bond, Widow Middletown Bucks
Bonsell, Richard Darby, Newtown Delaware Bansall
Boon, Andres Kingsessing, Darby Phila
Boore, Lase Lower Dublin Phila
Bore, Joshua Falls, Middletown Bucks
Bostock, William Thornbury Chester
Bowater, John Middletown Delaware
Bowden, Mordecai Bristol Bucks
Bowman, Thomas Bristol, Bristol, Willistown Bucks, Phila, Chester
Bowne, John Bensalem, Northampton, Westtown Bucks Bond, Bowen
Bowyer, John Kens/Richmond, Bristol Phila
Boy, John Charlestown Chester Bye
Boyden, James Bristol, Warwick Bucks
Bradford, Thomas Thornbury Chester
Bradshaw, Samuel Darby Delaware
Bradshaw, Thomas Darby Delaware
Bradwell, Mary Whitpain Montg
Brassey, Thomas Willistown, Aston, Chester, Darby Chester
Bridgman, Walter Middletown Bucks
Brinsley, Luke Falls Bucks Brinslo
Brinson, Daniel Falls Bucks Brindsly
Brinton, William Birmingham, Concord Delaware Brainton
Bristow, John Chester Delaware
Brittain, Lionel Falls Bucks
Brock, John Makefield Bucks
Brown, Edward Bethel Delaware
Brown, George Falls Bucks
Brown, James Chichester Delaware
Brown, William Cheltenham Montg
Brunsdon, John Birmingham Delaware
Bryan, William Middletown Bucks Brian
Buckley, John Birmingham (2 tracts) Delaware
Buckley, Samuel Charlestown Chester
Buckman, William Northampton Bucks
Bunce, John Oxford Phila Bunto
Burrow, Robert Middletown Delaware Burnough
Busby, John Perkiomen Montg
Bushell, Joseph Thornbury, Bethel Chester

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