Names on Holme’s map, T through Y

These are the names on Thomas Holme’s map with surnames starting in T through Y. (There were no names starting with Z.)

I have identified these to the best of my ability, based on the available records, but names or places might be wrong. Some people just don’t show up on very many records.

Notice that some people owned more than one tract in a township or multiple tracts in different townships. Also note that names sometimes differed significantly in spelling. Some names are garbled because of an error by Holme, and others by the engraver in London (who was probably not personally familiar with any of these people).

There were only three counties in 1687: Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester. Later the southern part of Chester was made into Delaware County, and the northern part of Philadelphia County was made into Montgomery County. To make it easier to find names on the map, I included all five of the county names, even though they did not all exist in 1687.

Most of the names on the map are easy to identify, allowing for small differences in spelling.  I only made an entry in the fourth column if the name was significantly different.

Name Township County Name on map if significantly different
Taylor, Christopher Bristol, Newtown, Northampton (2) Bucks
Taylor, Israel Newtown Bucks
Taylor, Peter Upper Providence Delaware
Taylor, Robt Marple, Springfield Delaware
Taylor, Thomas Birmingham, Middletown Delaware
Taylor, William Upper Providence Delaware
Thatcher, Richard Middletown, Northampton Bucks
Thomas, Charles Oxford Phila
Tibby, John Byberry Phila
Tomkins, Anthony Northampton Bucks
Torten, Henreck Ridley Delaware
Town, John Middletown Bucks
Townsend, Richard Chester, Bristol,  Plymouth Delaware, Phila
Tucker, Richard Darby Delaware
Tully, John Bristol Bucks
Turner, Edward Thornbury Chester
Turner, Robert Northampton, Gwynedd, Kens/Richmond, Lower Dublin, Roxborough Bucks, Phila
Urin, Hans [Geörgen] Darby Delaware
Vandewall, Jacob & Co Germantown Phila
Venables, William Falls Bucks
Vernon, Randal Nether Providence Delaware
Vernon, Robert Nether Providence Delaware
Vernon, Thomas Nether Providence Delaware
Vickris, Richard Makefield, Warrington, Roxborough Bucks, Phila Vicaris
Vincent, Sir Mathias Vincent Chester
Vos, Mathias Kingsessing Von
Vrouzen, Adrian Vincent Chester
Waddy, Henry Oxford (2) Phila
Wade, Robert Chester (2) Delaware
Waite,  James Edgmont Delaware Waight
Waite, John Goshen Chester
Walker, Francis Bensalem Bucks
Wall, Richard Cheltenham Montg
Walley, Shadrach Newtown Bucks Walle
Walmsley, Elizabeth Northampton Bucks
Waln, Nicholas Middletown, Northampton Bucks
Walter, Godwin Concord Delaware
Ward, Ralph Middletown Bucks
Weaver, Anthony Aston Delaware
Webb, Richard Charlestown Chester
West, John Cheltenham Montg
Wharley,  Abraham Newtown Bucks Whorley
Wharly, Daniel & Mary Northampton Bucks Wherly
Wheeler, Gilbert Falls Bucks
Wheeler, John Falls Bucks
Whitacre, Charles Edgmont, Ridley Delaware Wheetacar
Whitby, Thomas Darby, Edgmont Delaware
White, George Middletown Bucks
White, John Middletown Bucks
Whitehead, Benj Bristol Phila
Whitpaine, Richard Westtown, Whitpain Chester
Wiggins, Wm Middletown Bucks
Wilcox, Barnabas Westtown, Bristol Chester, Phila
Willard, George Warwick, Marple (D) Bucks, Delaware
Williams, Dunk Bensalem Bucks
Williamson, Daniel Marple Delaware
Withers, Thomas Chichester Delaware Wethers
Witscard, Jonathan Falls Bucks
Wolfe, Thomas Falls Bucks
Wood, George Darby, Newtown Delaware
Wood, John Falls Bucks
Wood, Richard Southampton Bucks
Wood, William Easttown (2), Darby (3), Merion Chester, Delaware, Montg
Woodmansee, William Chester Delaware
Woodyard,  George Upper Providence Delaware
Woolam, Gilbert Aston Delaware
Woolman, Sarah Warminster Bucks Woolinne
Worrall, John Middletown Delaware Nowell
Worrall, Peter Marple Delaware
Worrall, Richard Lower Dublin Phila
Worth, Thomas Darby Delaware
Yardley, William Makefield Bucks
Yarnall, Francis Springfield Delaware
Yarnall, Phillip Edgmont Delaware
Yocumb, Peter Kingsessing Phila
Young, Thomas Byberry Phila

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